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Annual Client Survey Results 2022

annual client survey

Battlefield Sports Annual Clients Thanksgiving Feedback

2022 was the 17th Annual Survey of Battlefield Operators

During the Thanksgiving season, we ask our Battlefield Operators for their advice, so we can improve our products & services for the comming year.

Confidence in the New Year

Each year, during the Thanksgiving season, we ask our Battlefield Operators for their advice.

These guys and gals are on the front-line of live action around the world. So their insights are important.

We got feedback from Battlefield Operators in ten countries.

  • USA
  • Australia
  • UK
  • Belgium &
  • Cyprus.

This year, despite everything, we still had many things to be thankful for. They said:
"look towards the horizon!".

Many battlefield operators are confident their business will expand next year.

Exactly 52% said they had "high" or "very high" confidence on business expansion.

And 76% were confident to some degree.

That's great news for the industry!

confidence for 2023

What's the Average Age of A Laser Tag Player?

The most popular age group for laser tag players are tweens and teens.

As evidenced in past years, most Battlefield Operators said they entertained players between 8 years old and 15 years old.

This covered 67% of the results.

There was a sweet spot for players aged 10 to 11 years old.

average age of laser tag players

What the Battlefield Operators Had To Say 

"Everything has been amazing! All my queries are answered so quickly and with great detail. The team have such an advanced knowledge of their products and will always point me in the right direction. In the past 12 months we have had an increase by around 100% as our name becomes more exposed and customers understand the capabilities we offer. I love reading 'lock n load' and getting a better understanding of the market. The Battlefield Sports Operators Facebook page is also a great way to get out comms and talk with other business owners around the world! Keep up the great work and innovation that Battlefield is supplying to its customers! I am inspired by you and the team." Jake Murphy, VIC AU

"I love the laser tag equipment! For the most part, they are hard wearing, simple to understand, and the navigation of the menus and settings (after playing around with them a bit) is pretty straight forward. Fantastic product!  We love the integrated game modes that are set on the battlefield tag setup. We love the laser tag activity!!!" Conner Bates, NSW AU

"I like that the sound effects are lifelike. People stay motivated and challenged to keep going!" Maxime Van Lierde, Belgium

"You have made a lot of people happy with the Battlefield Sports' laser tag system," Hugo Landre, Belgium

"The laser tag activity always in demand with our groups. I like that there are multiple games available," Brenda Addicoat, Australia.

"Performance of the equipment always astounds my clients who apparently are expecting the Walmart/ Hasbro/Tiger systems. You have made a lot of kids happy and have helped some people to live a rewarding life. Thank you," Tom Oakes, USA

"I like that the system is easy to operate and easy for people to understand how the guns work," Andreas Symeou, Cyprus

"There is a fantastic amount of flexibility to set up specialist games but most of the time we only use a fraction of the capability. I like the sounds, feedback and easy use for the customer," Darren Marsh, UK

And more feedback from previous surveys...

"In my first year as Battlefield Operator I am really happy with the Battlefield Sports products and service. My favorite thing about the system is that its ease of use. It's easy to move between the menus," Sergio Pascau, Switzerland.

"The gaming guns are great. It's easy once they are all set up and the software is locked. To be honest the latest laser tag software I have from Battlefield Sports takes off all the pressure. Clicking the "START" button and being confident that everyone will play has made it a joy to use the laser tag kit. We have used your kit since 2006 and would not change to another supplier," Darren Marsh, UK.

"I am very happy with the laser tag products. Can't say more," Carlos Araya Mackenney, Chile.

"We love the equipment!!! We love the high level quality of the Battlefield Sports laser tag equipment. It's made with high quality materials. The design of the guns looks real. The system is awesome when we get it setup correctly,"  Scott LeBlanc, San Antonio, TX, USA.

"We've been using the Battlefield Sports equipment for 17 years. The best thing about live action gaming is that it's super fun for the players. The Battlefield Sports laser tag guns help me to bring this out. Equipment wise, the best feature is the quality of the toys. Everyone comments on how good they are. Most people are used to the junk available on the consumer market. Battlefield Sports makes a better product than other professional equipment manufacturers. This fact has been stated to me by some of my clients and their experience. Keep providing a superior product. Thank you for providing a product that I have been able to bring joy to so many families for so many years. I am truly grateful," Tom Oakes, Florida, USA. 

"The best thing about the Battlefield Sports system is that it is easy to use, setup and maintain. The system is plug and play. And troubleshooting is made accessible and support is constantly available," Jake Murphy, VIC, Australia.

"I like the fact that the SATR software is the same on all devices. Any device can be changed to any desired piece of hardware simulation (weapon, radio repeater, medic box, etc)," Silviu Loghin, Washington, US.

"Je n'ai pas de frustration, c'est un produit qui fonctionne auprès du public. j'apprécie la souplesse du système qui s'adapte à toutes les envies des joueurs. C'est un super bon produit, merci de développer de nouveaux modes de jeux sans que cela soit trop complexe à mettre en place sur le terrain,. De notre côté, nous avons développé un capteur de mouvement relié par radio à une claymore et dès que quelqu'un est détecté, il déclenche la claymore qui se trouve à un autre endroit que le capteur. Cela offre des variantes de partie très fun," Didier Style, Belgium.

The annual Battlefield Operator survey was not run in 2020 due to the global pandemic.

Small Business on the Up

In keeping with our tradition, we ask for our Battlefield Operators' feedback each year around Thanksgiving. This year is our fifteen of listening to our customers in a formal questionnaire.

This year found more Operators experiencing a better year. In fact 67% of the cohort reported an increase in activity.

This compares to only 65% experiencing an increase in 2021.

The good news is that this is up from the 2018 results where 64% of our client cohort experienced an increase in the past three months of customer activity compared with the same time last year.

This is up again from 2017 which was 57%.

There is a definite trend towards the positive.

increase on business year-on-year

This year we offered an incentive to get involved. We offered a chance to win $250 usd credit against your next order.

This year's winner is... Andreas Symeou, Cyprus 


average age of players 2018

The Battlefield Operators player by age in 2018

player average age 2019

The Battlefield Operators player by age in 2019.

Interestingly, the bell curve of average gamer age is pretty consistent over the last couple of years.

While clients anticipated growth ranging from fantastic numbers like 5 to 6% or 10% or 20% or 50% and an amazing 100% increase some operators experienced more modest but still welcome growth of 1% and 2%. Whereas some other operators experienced a drop. Operators ensured growth due to more referrals, more word or mouth and a pick up in Birthday Party bookings.

Exactly 66% of clients were confident that their business would expand next year, of these 24% had a very high level of confidence that they would expand.

More Battlefield Operator Feedback

What the Battlefield Operators Said

"What do I like best about laser tag equipment? Flexibility, Innovative, versatility of games and genres," Daryl Breuninger, Watsonville, CA, USA

"All the equipment is very well made and robust, the sales and service departments of Canditta and Adam are happy to answer any questions and the service is second to none. Everything I use is great for our business." Kevin Hossack, The Basin, Victoria.

"We have enjoyed being part of the Battlefield Sports "family" and look forward to future developments," Robyn Daniels Goombungee AU

"I think SATR 3 is awesome. Your passion for this seeps through your products." Kevin Walter,  Mifflinburg, US

"I love your work, fantastic job," Robert Lean, Collaroy Beach

"Good Job. 10 out of 10. I like the reliability and support," David Karcheski WA

Scott from Texas, USA

"I am most impressed with is the ongoing development of the gaming platforms. The company seems to always stay on top of the trends. For example, adding Battle Royale is great for our target market. I also like the quality of the gaming guns. No parts that easily break, like some of the [other] systems we reviewed before deciding on Battlefield Sports. It is amazing that it can already do so much. So many different modes."

Paul from Georgia, USA

"Great job!! I LOVE Battlefield Sports.”

Tim from Belgium 

“The versatility of the system - being able to configure the devices in a lot of different ways, supporting a multitude of games that can be played. The additional devices provide great play value!”

Nicolas from Spain

"What do i like best? One word: Quality."      

Graham from the UK 

“It's only when customers play that they realise how good it is and the best "system" on the market. I like the rugged reliability. Ease of use. Functionality."

Rob from Utah, USA

"Great support with questions. I like the continual research and development, and growth in your products and support. Thank you for your cutting-edge gaming gear." 

Stuart from Australia

“I like that it's robust & reliable. I like the accuracy of the weapons. I like the range (distance they shoot) and the score keeping variety of games and weapon configurations. Well done. Keep it up and don’t stop looking forward to the next best thing."

Hollie from MT, USA

"I like that the equipment is very tough and heavy duty; it suffers well through wear and tear." 

Jonathan from Sir Lanka

"I like best that the laser tag equipment is... very hardy and versatile. You have a super product and I'm glad I purchased from you."

Lony from Australia 

"I like the realistic emulations the best. I like the live feedback during the games. Tech support very helpful and makes the time to want to help."

Kyle from Iowa, USA

"I like the different weapon emulations. The expanding game mode possibilities."

Colin from Australia

"Love the products and the friendly and accommodating service of Battlefield staff. Thanks mate, the equipment really works for us and compliments the Leadership and Team-building Training we deliver."

Maarten from Belgium

"Before we ordered we were concerned about the durability and flexibility (as in transportation/game modes without extra materials/...) [we have been running for between 3 years but less than 5 years] We've found that the durability and the easy-to-use menus on the gun itself as the best. Good job! We play games with companies and government from all around the globe and they are super enthusiastic after a game of laser tag."

Lars from Denmark

[After being part of the Battlefield Sports family for 10 years...] “It is even better now with SATR 3.”

Greg from Australia 

“Service has always been first class which we appreciate greatly. we originally build a large shed to run indoor laser tag, it’s now full of hay, as soon as we found your product, we changed direction and utilized our paintball fields for outdoor laser. I'd say to Peter: ‘Don’t change your staff most people would say you are lucky to have them but when you get good people top managers keep them, well done’.”

Tom from Belgium  

"It's a fine product!!!"

George from Canada 

“I like the life span and reliability. This is something that impresses me. And the general "team and game content" approach fits our thinking, sort of by fluke. We have always stressed game content with paintball and airsoft and now, especially with the battle box concept, it has become so much easier to do a remarkable job with laser as well. The game computerization potential of laser is wonderful. But equipment reliability and practical application details are the things that I think operators should appreciate and I think you folks have the formula that delivers. What I like best is... reliability and simplicity - a connection with reality, likely having a close link with your own field experience.” 

Lee from Michigan USA 

"What I like best is the variety in abilities, realistic feel/look/sound of many of the gaming guns, and support devices. Keep up the good work, hopefully will be getting things figured out on our end to warrant an order for either SATR3." 

And The Winner Is...