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An Amped Up Death Team Match

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Team Death Match Mission with Mystery Armor Boxes 

Team Death Match is one of the most popular first-person shooter scenarios in modern video games. Now, with the new SATR3 software, Battlefield Sports amps up the live gaming version.

Players are organized into two or more teams, up to seven teams.

Friendly fire can be switched on or off. If friendly fire is on then gamers can shoot players from their own team which might result in a Team Kill.

The Team Death Match mission scales will to virtually any size group.


SATR3 can have up to 2,043 gamers in any one battle, each with their own unique ID and game statistics.

The larger the group, the less complex the scenario needs to be to still be engaging and challenging for the gamers.

Most TDM game at Battlefield LIVE is a two-team competition with unlimited respawns.

In a public session Operators usually run two Team Death Matches back to back with the teams just switching start points.

In a forest battlefield, the initial deployment point of the 2 teams is important. As a rule of thumb teams should start out of sight of one another.

Started either side of a low ridgeline or behind a building or other terrain, the feature works well.

Teams start usually at least 150 feet / 50 meters apart.

Gamers should be spread out in an extended line (if friendly fire is on, this will hopefully minimize it). With the new software, gamers can add to the thrill be having a Mystery Armor Box and Mystery [Weapon] Box strategically positioned on the playing field. When a game presses the green button on a Mystery Amrmor Box it will give the player a random body armor.

The armor will be one that is associated with the gaming genre. Armor is passive defensive items therefore they do not take a weapon slot. In other words, gamers can have an emulated weapon, act as a medic and have armor. 

Only one piece of armor can be worn at a time.

Armor absorbs damage.

Battlefield LIVE Genre Armor

​Battlefield LIVE genre armor includes:

  • Flak jacket - offers torso protection only
  • Steel Pot - torso protection
  • Steel Vest - torso protection
  • Frag Helmet - torso protection
  • Tactical Vest - torso protection
  • Combat helmet - offers head protection only
  • Fire Proximity Suit - both head & torso protection

Sci-Fi Genre Armor

Sci-Fi genre armor includes:

  • Reflective - - both head & torso protection
  • Advanced - - both head & torso protection
  • Ablative - - both head & torso protection
  • Reactive Armor - - both head & torso protection
  • 20mm armor plate - - both head & torso protection

Fantasy Genre Armor 

Fantasy genre armor includes:

  • Leather - torso protection
  • Scale - torso
  • Chain Mail - both
  • Plate Mail - both
  • Breast Plate - torso
  • Pot Helmet - head
  • Leather Gloves
  • Mail Coif - head

There is also special armor for AFV and monsters. Once a player gets a new armor emulation they cannot get another one for 60 seconds.

​If the player presses the green button again within the minute the sound effect will say "Mystery Lock Out".

Watch the mission briefing for the Team Death Match by Peter Lander (CO Plan).