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Aftermarket Perks - the WW2 Sten Gun

Aftermarket Perks - Sten Gun - WW2 Sub-Machine Gun

One of the perks with the patented SATR system is the aftermarket props available to you.

sten gun WW2Here is a brand new aftermarket addition for British and European battlefields, introducing the STEN GUN.

The Sten was a family of British 9mm sub-machine guns which was used extensively by British and Commonwealth forces throughout WW2.

STEN actually stands for the initials of the weapon's chief designers - Major Reginald Shepherd, Harold Turpin, and EN for Enfield.

The original Sten was a blowback-operated submachine gun firing from an open bolt with a fixed firing pin on the face of the bolt.

The Sten figured large in many WW2 battles, including Operation Marketing Garden.

Introducing the SATR Sten Gun

The SATR Sten is one of the weapon emulations in the SATR sub-machine gun class.

It has a magazine capacity of 32 rounds. It operates fully automatic only.

It as a recoil rate of 2. It has a rate of fire of 450 rounds per minute.

sten gunIt has a default range of short-range. It has 6 spare magazines of 9mm parabellum ammunition. And it takes 4 seconds to reload.

If you configure the emulation to include stoppages the jam rate is quite high to reflect the inherent unreliability of the WW2 weapon. It was one of the crudest and ugly SMG designs of WW2. But more than 4 million STEN's of different versions were made from 1941 until 1945.

The Sten Gun was originally made in the United Kingdom and so is this aftermarket SATR version.

SATR Sten Gun Specs

  • Weight: 1.98kg (4½lbs)
  • Barrel length: 500x50 mm (19¾  x 2")
  • Magazine Size: 220x52x40 mm (8¾ x 2¼ x 2" approx)
  • Lens Size: 40mm (2½")

These Sten submachine guns are made by Duncan Bell from Battlefield LIVE Lancashire.

If you are interested in finding out more about the SATR Sten then just email me.

PLEASE quote #SATRSTEN for a special deal.