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Aftermarket Perks MG42 LMG

Aftermarket Perks - MG42 - WW2 Light Machine Gun

mg42 LMG propOne of the perks with the patented SATR system is the aftermarket props available.

Check out this new aftermarket addition on one ingenious Australian battlefield, introducing the MG42 LMG.

The MG42, also known as, the Maschinengewehr 42, or simply the "machine gun 42" was a family of German light-machine guns which was used extensively during WW2.


Introducing the MG42 Aftermarket Prop

This aftermarket prop of the MG42 LMG originally housed Battlefield Sports' classic system. It has been recently up graded to integrate the latest technology, the SATR2.2f digital laser tag system.

It has a magazine capacity of 50 rounds. It operates fully automatic only.

It as a recoil rate of 2. It has a medium rate of fire per minute.

It has a default range of long range. It has 9 spare magazines of 7.92 Mauser ammunition. And it takes 8 seconds to reload.

If you configure the emulation to include stoppages the jam rate is quite high to reflect the inherent unreliability of the WW2 weapon.

mg42 close upOne of the best machine guns of WW2, it was the standard issue German LMG. 

Indeed modified versions and variants of the MG42 are today still in production. 

SATR LMG42 Gun Specs

  • Weight: 4kg
  • Gaming Gun Length: 116cm
  • Gaming Gun Height: 20cm
  • Gaming Gun Width: 26cm
  • Barrel length: 52cm
  • Lens Size: 40mm (2½")
  • Estimated Combat Range: 100m

This one-of-a-kind light machine gun was commissioned by Dennis Bidlake from Mango Hill Skirmish and was made by one of his gamers.

If you are interested in finding out more about the SATR aftermarket props then just email me.