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A Recipe for Successful Business

Game Centered Entertainment 

The 3 Essential Ingredients For Success: #1 Family + #2 Optoelectronics + #3 Confidence 


Every business has a unique combination of inputs, or ingredients, to create a sweet business opportunity. 

Running a family business is not easy. 

Especially is if it is an advanced manufacturing company that created a brand-new sector in the out-of-home entertainment industry. 

But with a bullet-proof recipe of commitment, technology, and confidence we’ve built a business that’s created thrilling memories for millions of gamers across 55 countries. 

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24,000 events & counting!  


Not easy.


20+ years 

Ingredient #1 – Family 

My husband, Peter and I, started our business in the jungle rainforests of tropical Australia. 

We had a few thousand dollars and an idea — to take a video game and experience it LIVE.
Today we run 3 businesses: 

I’m a storyteller, entrepreneur, and a Mum to two kids. I’m a sci-fi tragic, marketing enthusiast, and Table Tennis player. 

Peter & I started our business, more than 20 years ago, as a little side-hustle. 

When we started, we literally just asked our gamers for a few bucks to cover the cost of batteries.

I created a website www.lasertag.com.au and people all over the world started emailing us. 

Saying: “Hey! What you are doing is cool. How can I do it too?” 

We decided to move from the small town of Cairns to the big city, the State capital, Brisbane. 
We wanted to build a business that gave the family regular and reliable cash flow. 
More we wanted to make a difference in people’s lives. To give them an experience that they would never forget. 
One of that handful of experiences that the players would never forget.

When we moved to a big city, we asked ourselves: “Will people in the city love playing laser tag like they in my small town?”

And do you know what? 

People did!

In 2006 we started developing a brand-new live gaming technology. 

By this time, we had spent 7 years entertaining thousands of players and listening to their feedback. 
We took all the stuff we had learned from our experience and the feedback from players and operators and instilled all of it into a new live-action gaming system. 

Then in 2009, we launched our patented system. 

The timing was terrible. 

It was just around the time of the “GFC”: The Global Financial Crisis. 

Money was tight. 

People were worried about investing in new technology, new business. 

Many times, I felt like giving up. 

But the support of my family kept me going.

As well as my husband, my kids also work in the business. From when they were little, if they wanted pocket money, they needed to work. 
Today, my daughter, Zabrynn, works in the office and on the field, running games. And my son, Ben, works in our factory manufacturing the equipment, in quality testing and also on the field. 

My right-hand woman, Canditta who’s been part of the team for 16 years is our General Manager. Her husband, Adam, works in the business as our Technical C.O. Her brother, Roger, is our Quartermaster. 

Our God-son, Aaron, is one of our part-time Gaming C.O. and runs events for us while he is studying at University. 

And the list goes on! 

Over the last two decades, we’ve had (at various times) cousins, sisters-in-law, and brothers from another mother work in our team.

Together, we are a tight-knit team.

We have built a community of crew and Battlefield Operators. And we’ve enabled millions of players worldwide to enjoy the thrill of live-action gaming. 

Ingredient #2 – Patented Optoelectronics & Gaming Engine Software

Combine patented technology with stunning design to create a thrilling live-action gaming experience. 

Battlefield Sports' patented laser tag technology enables the Battlefield Operator to easily control the gameplay by just turning the gaming gun on and selecting a setting from a series of menus.

Better still, Operators can "set & forget" as the unit will return to its last configuration next time it is turned on. 

This award-winning technology offers:
  • Real-Time hit-feedback (so you know when you've got 'em!) & real-time statistics 
  • New games & mission support e.g. new games "Heist" and "Capture the Flag" and "Rush" with new Flag Boxes & Missions Boxes 
  • More than 350 emulations so players can run different games. These games are categorized into different gaming themes like Battlefield LIVE (modern firearm emulations), or Battlefield Royale theme (inspired by the video game FORTNITE), or Battlefield TAG (traditional family-friendly laser tag). There are also American Civil War Muskets to modern weaponry with RPGs & and beyond to sci-fi & fantasy! There are loads of options!
  • There's built-in redundancy, where any unit can be booted up to act like any other unit
  • Up to 7 teams play at once, with up to 8 separate battle groups 
  • Up to 23 languages with in-game voice-overs & SFX 
  • Up to 2,047 gamer IDs - now that's a battle! 
  • Highly configurable or easy lock-out mode 
  • 100% portable
  • No need for Internet or Wi-fi connectivity
  • Save up to 12 user-defined templates 
  • Slots (up to 8 emulations per gamer) 
  • New high-powered micro-processor plus improved radio signal via daisy-chain 
  • Variable and splash damage 
  • New in-game perks like "super mag" or "stopping power" 
  • Armor & shields (including Mystery Armor)  
Basically, there are more than 40,000 lines of software code so running the games is intuitive. 

Ingredient #3 – Confidence & Innovation 

Into the mix add a good dash of confidence! This ingredient is critical. 

As is innovation. And every chef knows that she must tweak her menu to keep in tune with changing tastes. Along the way she needs to test to see whether her concoction tastes delicious. That same method applies to business growth, to ensure you have the best combination possible. 

Likewise, we have innovated over the last 20 years. We’ve listened to our players' feedback and our Operators’ feedback. We’ve reinvented our business, again and again. More, we’ve tapped into the changing entertainment shifts to re-engineer our live-action gaming system to stay on-trend. 

Summing Up

As a family business, we’ve had our ups and downs. 

We’ve had some ventures that have boomed, and some that have tanked. As pioneers in the live-action gaming sector, we literally wrote the book on the subject. And our technology is continuing to evolve. 

With our secret sauce of family, technology & innovation we plan to continue to manufacture live-action gaming equipment and entertain gamers for many years to come.