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A New Twist on a Popular Favorite

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Launch of Cobra LITE  

Battlefield Sports has expanded its successful  Cobra line with the launch of its new "Cobra Lite" compact laser tagger. 

This new model has been developed for a super-light, easy-to-use gaming gun. 

The new Cobra Lite is modeled after the famous Cobra. 

The Cobra Lite features innovative patented live-action gaming software. 

This model is perfect for high-traffic, fast-paced events.

Especially ones that cater to a very young audience such as school-based festivals, fairs, fetes.

It is designed for very young players. 

new model cobra lite

The core Cobra enclosure remains but with a few innovative tweaks. 

Gone is the integrated red-dot scope. 

Gone are the integrated head sensors. 

In their place is an additional barrel sensor. 

This new design also makes it easier for a quick COVID-clean between each game. 

This could be a key element of your covid-safe or covid-security plan. 

The incoming model uses a smaller battery as the Awesome Cobra. 

The Cobra Lite can be fitted with either the standard 4,000 amp NiMh battery or a smaller and lighter 3,000 amp NiMh battery. 

cobra lite New

In comparison to its predecessor the new Cobra Lite, is, well, much lighter!

  • Cobra with Scope – 2.1kg / 4.6 LB
  • Cobra LITE – 1.6kg / 3.5 LB 

Note: In the Awesome Cobra you have head sensors attached to a headband and positioned in the center of the player's forehead and the center of the back of their head. Therefore enabling 360-degree hits.

Whereas the front-facing sensor on the rail in the Cobra LITE enables 180-degree hits. 

cobra lite comparison

Contact your local Battlefield Guru for order inquiries.