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A New Laser Tag Adventure is Expanding across the High Seas

P&O Cruises chooses Battlefield Sports Laser Tag Equipment to Expand their Laser Tag Adventures

A new adventure with a high tech edge is expanding across the high seas.

Pacific Dawn Cruise Ship now has Laser Tag Australia's leading cruise line P&O Cruises is rolling out its laser tag onto Pacific Dawn, having originally been launched on Pacific Jewel.

The P&OEdge program is the world’s largest adventure park at sea and gives passengers the opportunity to climb, swing, and now play high tech hide and seek in parts of the ship which had previously never been seen by guests.

"P&OEdge is about creating some high adrenaline adventure activities on the cruise ship. Being onboard a cruise ship gives you an extra dimension because you have the movement of the ship. Most adventure activities are done on land. Now once you are on the ship you have that extra element, you've got a real adrenaline rush. It is terrific," said John Sharpe of Pacific Adventures, designer of the P&OEdge program.


The thrill-seeking program features 20 Adrenalin-pumping activities specifically designed by Brisbane based Pacific Adventures to make use of the ship’s existing architecture.

P&O Cruises’ passengers love their rock climbing, segways, and zip lines can now add a new brand of laser tag to their onboard adventures.

P&O Cruises Senior Vice President Tammy Marshall said: "P&O has always been known as the pioneers of new adventures and new experiences onboard Australian ships.  We constantly innovate and update our product to keep with, and lead, the times.  Our research shows people’s holiday tastes are changing.  They want more out of their holiday and we’re offering that with P&OEdge.”

Laser Tag: A Hit for the Whole Family

The expanded laser tag program of games has been carefully selected to ensure there is something for everyone.

Teens will have the opportunity to test their mettle like a live video game whilst kids will have fun playing high tech hide and seek. In fact, laser tag is a big hit for young and old. 

The new games are suitable for players from six years old up to the young at heart.

The laser tag equipment, supplied by Battlefield Sports, offers guests the flexibility to play either indoors or outdoors.

The package consists of 11 red team Cobra gaming guns and 11 blue team Cobras gaming guns, a Master Controller, plus a Domination Box.

All the equipment has the patented SATR system.

"The P&O team was impressed with our Battlefield Sports’ durability and flexibility," said Canditta Natakuapa, Sales C.O. Australasia.

For those with an appetite for adventure, book your next cruise with Pacific Dawn.