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A Day in the Life of a CO

Here's How to be a C.O. - A Day in the Life of a C.O.

For more than a decade the team at Battlefield Sports has listened to our clients' and our gamers' feedback on what they felt was important to include in a training system. co course home study This is one of the reasons why we are confident to say this is the most comprehensive CO Certificate home study course on how to operate Your Battlefield Business you will find.

C.O. stands for Commanding Officer - this is the person who runs the whole she-bang.

The right tools can help make any job easier.

As a graduate of the C.O. Certificate Course you'll have the benefit of our knowledge and experience, this together with the tools and resources within the Battlefield Sports Online University, we hope will be useful.

This comprehensive training solution is backed by more than a decade of hands-on experience and loads and loads of information.

Here's what is included in the CO Course

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View Lessons from Experts

Watch or read lessons from Gaming Guru, Peter Lander, all at your own pace.

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How are you going?

Apply what you learn in this Home Study Course on the battlefield.

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Engage with experts. If you are stuck, just email us your questions.

The CO Home Study Course - Downloadable Content

business certificate The Battlefield Sports C.O. home study course has heaps of downloadable content, including:

  • More than 12 information videos
  • Checklists for quick & easy reference guides
  • More than 5 workbook activities
  • 3 bonus videos

Course Highlights include:

  • A video - a Day in the Life of a C.O. plus a new video which shows how to set up your laser tag equipment 
  • An overview of today's battlefield live sector
  • Guidance on how to run battlefield events
  • Best Practices for running events
  • Checklists & write-ups on key jobs.

A Brand New Inclusion in the C.O. Home Study Course

The brand new video gives you an overview of how to be a Commanding Officer (C.O.).

The new video goes from how to pack the truck, checklists, how to do a briefing, all the way to how to pack everything back again. It runs for 53 minutes. Well worth a watch.

The C.O. Home Study Course is a free resource for Battlefield Operators who have access to the Battlefield Sports University.