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A Career in Tourism?


Considering a Career in Tourism?

Ever considered going into a career in tourism? Here is Steve's insights on running a tourism, destination venue, Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire.

"My name is Steve. I'm from Battlefield LIVE Pembrokeshire. We run infra-red combat gaming. We are located just as you come into Pembrokeshire.  We use the latest technology [from Battlefield Sports].
We work under a theme, like a PlayStation Game (getting people off the couch) and playing games for real.

We set up 6 years ago. Soon after setting up we were fortunate to win a Tourism Award.  It was very exciting and helped us alot. From that we have discovered people are traveling further and further afield to come to our venue.

In doing so they are also enjoying other parts of Pembrokeshire. It is exciting for us because Tourism is very important to the area.


These days we need to provide a lot of variety to people. We have the natural beauty of the beaches and the coastal parks. But it is also very important that we have the facilities to cater to also sorts of people.

We also interact with other companies locally so we can share ideas and provide a quality and a certain standard that people need today. As business operators we need to keep abeast of trends like the internet, QR Codes, and all those sort of things. So when people what the information about your business they can find it. Especially online and right in their hands.

I think Pembrokeshire has a great deal to offer. And when people do come down they keep coming back!

People Drive 400 Miles to Play Battlefield LIVE

We are getting people travelling 400 miles (650km) just to come and play a game.

And then other members of the family are going off and enjoying other activities.

Yes it is very important for this growing area."