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8 Hacks On How To Boost Your Business via Winning Awards



8 Hacks On How To Boost Your Business via Winning Business Awards

award winning businessOne of the most powerful and targeted ways to showcase and boost your business is to win an award. This will fortify your brand with your clients, stakeholders, and peers. Awards showcase your organization’s unique features, your team’s expertise and your business’s commitment to achieving fantastic outcomes. Here are eight hacks that have helped us win more than 30 awards. 

Hack 1: Choose The Right Business Award To Go For

There are many awards. Some are local, some state-based and some are national. Consider what your company is good at and your target market. Then select an award that matches your mission. Start with an award that is local and industry-specific, a smaller scope means your business is more likely to be in the winner’s circle. Another great hack is to go for an inaugural award; there is likely fewer entrants and therefore less competition. 

Hack 2: Choose The Best Award Category

Okay, the “Business of the Year” might be a tough ask first time out of the blocks. So if you focus on a category like innovation or sustainability might give your business a fighting chance. One key to winning or becoming a finalist is to select a category that might not be popular with other applicants. Think big fish in a small pond.

Hack 3: Make the Calendar Date Work For You

During the middle of the calendar year is what’s known as “award season”. Many awards panels avoid the Christmas and New Year period to host their awards. Make this work in your favor. If you choose an award that has a closing date in January most applicants are likely to be on holiday so proportionally your submission will have more chance of winning.

Hack 4: Give It A Go!  

If you are not in it, you cannot win it. You might think, “I have no chance, why to bother?” Give it a go! The first award submission will take effort. But the second and subsequent submissions will get easier.

Hack 5: Understand Every Judging Criterion

Read each criterion carefully. Make sure you know what the judges are really asking. Yes, it sounds easy, but a hack to winning a business ward is to actually answer the question the judges ask. If you do not understand some of the criteria contact the awards administrator or if you have their contact details, then contact the judge or judges and seek clarification. Another hack: if there is a word limit, don’t exceed it. Being about to tell your business story in a succinct way is a valuable asset.

Hack 6: Set Aside Enough Time To Submit The Award 

Opening up your WORD document to start writing your awards application at 9 pm on the night before the deadline is making it hard on yourself. Give yourself a bit of time to draft the submission so you can put your business in its best possible light. Also some awards applications ask for referees. You need time to consider who to ask and give them some time to respond. Likewise, you might need to request some information from your external accountant and that takes time too.

Hack 7: Make The Most of the Awards Night Networking

The awards night is a chance to dress up and network with other small business owners. Running your own business can sometimes be lonely. So an awards night is a chance to revel in your (and other’s) success.
So enjoy it.

Hack 8: Okay, Yes Milk It For All It Is Worth

Today’s market is competitive and getting more so every second. Winning an award is a way for your business to stand out in the crowd. You don’t have to win the top gong to benefit, just being a finalist or highly commended even simply being nominated can be a winning story. When the media is full of bad news it is refreshing to offer your local editor a good news story! Be careful to comply with any media embargo – you don’t want to let the cat out of the bag too soon. While some awards committees offer you a template press release to announce your glory if you don’t have that a good hack is to search the news section of search engines and see how previous awards winners have crafted their press releases. 

Summing up, the benefit of winning a business award doesn’t stop with a pretty photo of you holding a shiny trophy. Not only does winning an award provide newsworthy content for industry media, it also creates great content for your web site and social media platforms. Business awards boost reputation and confidence. Winning awards enhances your business profile and creates great business development opportunities. So give is a go and use these hacks to boost your business.

A Case Study on Winning Awards

Battlefield Sports won An iAward

Australian laser tag manufacturer, Battlefield Sports, was nominated in 2016 in the iAwards which recognizes the nation's top-performing innovators.

The iAwards honors organizations and students at the cutting edge of technology innovation and recognizes the achievements of home-grown Australian innovators.

The key goal of the iAwards is to discover, recognize and reward the ICT innovations that have the potential to, or are already having a positive impact on the community – at home, in the office, and on a global scale.

iawards winner

Featuring 16 categories in total, Battlefield Sports is vying for two of them including the Consumer category and the coveted Exporter of the Year award.

Battlefield Sports is one of 35 organizations who were nominated from their home State, Queensland.

“The iAwards is an ideal showcase for Australian visionaries who want to demonstrate their best innovations and innovative projects. I’m delighted to see students, governments and large corporate entities all put their hats in the ring to compete – all the name of celebrating great ideas,” said an iAwards spokesperson.
Founder, Peter Lander said he was incredibly proud of his team and their efforts during the last few years which is what ultimately, enabled the family owned company to net this prestigious nomination.

“I'm proud,” Peter said. “To go up against national corporations like Santos and Telstra, to compete with Universities and, to be in the same competition as renowned science organizations like CSIRO is a thrill."

“This is a true reflection of our company’s innovation ethos and what you can achieve if you dream big and work hard.”


Winning the Prize

The Minister for Innovation, Science and the Digital Economy and Minister for Small Business, the Hon Leeanne Enoch recently awarded the Exporter of the Year from the iAwards to Nicole Lander from Battlefield Sports..

winning the prize

Nicole Talks About The Innovation That Won The Award

"We wanted to create a video game and experience it in real-life.

So what we did was innovate traditional laser tag.

The traditional laser tag was usually inside a dark, foggy maze. You know with the little "pew-pew" little plastic guns.


We actually decided to take it outside, into the forest.

So gamers can actually experience peer-to-peer direct-fire infantry engagements, but no bruises."