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7 Tips From Tony Robbins on How To Make This Year Your Best Ever

7 Tips From Tony Robbins on How To Make This Year Your Best Ever

Famous life coach and author Tony Robbins offers 7 top tips for us this new year. What are they? Erik Qualman finds out. What are your plans for this year? Will this be YOUR year? Will you achieve your resolutions? Tony Robbins offers us seven super tips for you. Watch this short video and is if this year is the one you can give your ambitions a red-hot go! 

Tip 1: Create Achievable Goals 

Tony Robbins says to go where you are now to where you want to go you need a goal that is realistic. Set a goal that his achievable but feels good. What's your goal for this year? 

Tip 2: Anticipation is the Ultimate Advantage 

Tony tells us a story of a regular-ol' parent who sits down with their child who is high-tech to play a video game. I love this story! Because it has certainly happened to me!! I definitely know I'm in trouble when my kid says "you can go first". Mr Robbins says anticipation is the ultimate advantage. In table tennis the secret of a great shot is preparation + execution.

Likewise, in business success = preparation + execution and according to Robbins, MASSIVE ACTION. 


Tip 3: Prime Yourself 

Take 10 minutes at the beginning of your day to think of 3 things that you are grateful for, take 3 minutes to give a prayer to your family and friends, and then consider the top 3 things you want to accomplish today. 

Tip 4: Raise Your Standard

Tony Robbins says this is the number one thing that will change your life. 
Yep. Like, right now.
He says that we don't get what we want in life we get "what we have to have". 

Tip 5: Decide. Commit. Resolve. 

Turn your passion into your profession. 
Tony says if you make a decision from a place from where you have passion, then that's where you'll make a difference. 
The decision is the first step. The commitment is the second state, not matter if it gets difficult you are going to do this! 

If you have the resolve, means it is done. 

There is no question, whatsoever.

And how to get to this state? Tony Robbins says: "IMMEDIATE, MASSIVE, ACTION". 

He says immediate and massive action is the cure-all. 

Tip 6: Success Without Fulfillment is Failure

Don't give up what you really believe in. 
Fulfillment is unique as art. 
What fulfills you is different, to what fulfills me. 
So ask yourself: what fulfills you. 
Yes you. Just you.
And commit, just like in Tip 5, to make this year that you take a step towards your fulfillment. 

Tip 7: Progress = Happiness. 

Progress moves us forward says Tony Robbins. He says, ask yourself, even if it is tiny, what is the amount that I will set-aside towards my financial goals? 
Progress will make you feel better about the future. 
"Do something today, do it right now!" said Tony Robbins.

Make This Year, Your Year

Ask yourself: What Are Your Goals? What do you want from this year? 

Thanks Erik Qualman for creating this montage of Tony Robbins's seven top tips. 

Bottom Line: Tony Robbins says "Decide Today who you will become, how you will live and what you will give." 

Take these 7 tips and unleash your inner-superpower, today.