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5 Surefire Ways to Boost your Social Media


5 Surefire Ways to Get the Most from Your Social Media

Social media has changed over the last few years. But in 2020 it offers you a real chance to leverage your battlefield business marketing. Here are five surefire ways to get the most from your social media. 


Open yourself to learning new ideas. Learn about social media. Social media might seem confusing at the start. It might seem overwhelming to begin with. There are so many social media channels to choose from! There is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube and more. All of these are simply channels or ways for you to get in communication with your gamers. And a way for your gamers to get engaged with your brand, your battlefield business.

So choose one to get started with.

Choose the one where you believe most of your gamers hang out.  You might decide on Facebook. We created a Facebook brand page for each one of our battlefield addresses. This is because we were getting so many “check-ins” from our gamers. If you don’t create a Facebook page for your battlefield address then Facebook with creating a default one for you if it gets a check-in. So you might as well claim your virtual address!

2. TRY

Dedicate one hour per day on making an impact on social media. This might be reading about what’s what in Social Media, or it might be creating or scheduling a post.

Give it a try.

If you don’t like a post, you can edit or delete it. Either way, just take a stab at it.

Over time it will become second nature.

For example, you could research how to create a video (you might have some Go-Pro video of in-mission action, or you might have a video testimonial from an enthusiastic gamer) then post it on your Facebook brand page or upload it to YouTube. Or better still upload it to YouTube then link it to your Facebook page.

Give it a go.

If it doesn’t work first go, don’t worry. Just track back through your steps and try again.

3. DO

Be proactive. You might have a special event once per month or once per week. It might be a special scenario or a mission that celebrates a special time of year, such as Father’s Day. Or an event that is for a special group, such as Ladies Night or Clan Night.

Once you’ve created this special event, let people know about it!

You can create an event on Facebook.

The main thing about writing or posting stories and news on social media, whichever channel you choose, the main thing is for your passion for the game to shine through. Your gamers will engage with your genuine passion for your battlefield business.

4. ASK

Why? Which? What? Ask for feedback.

Ask questions of your gamers. Get input on what your community of gamers is interested in hearing/reading about.

Be transparent, but keep it positive. You are posting stories about your battlefield business and gamers want to hear about the news that affects them. They won’t care if your electricity got shot-out because of a summer storm or if you feel you have too much competition from other operators in your local area. Just don’t post this sort of negative stuff.

You might want to post a timely update that your event will proceed despite the rain. However, we do this via a direct text-message to those who have booked so it is a personal message rather than a broadcast one.

Instead find stories, images, videos that uplift and inspire your gamers. After all, they are coming to your battlefield to be thrilled, to be entertained.

And the purpose of social media is to build a relationship with your gamers. Get connected. Find things that are important to them. It might be a gaming gun review or a new mission, or a new movie launch that will inspire them to experience some great live gaming.


As Steven Covey says “Sharpen your Saw”. The field of social media is evolving, growing. There are new contenders and new technologies every year. Keep abreast of this development and implement the ones you believe the impact on your battlefield business.

Whichever social media channel you choose to get started, be diligent. Don’t make one post then ignore it. I’ve seen some Facebook brand pages which have the last post months in the past. Think of it as a conversation. Imagine if you are on the phone with someone and you are having a conversion, and suddenly you cannot hear anything more from the guy at the other end. You go “hello? Hello?” but if you don’t hear anything you eventually hang up.

Keep at it. Sure learning something new like social media is a challenge.

Deliver your gamer community inspiring and engaging posts. Focus on them. Our job as Battlefield Operators is to create happy memories. Your social media channel is a record of these happy memories. So your gamers can re-live their thrilling combat entertainment experiences. As we say “bye-bye boring, hello experience.” Tell stories that you believe in. You will be rewarded with loyal, raving fans. And you will be making a difference.

Conclusion - 5 Ways To Get the Most from Your Social Media Marketing 

This has been a handful of ideas for you to get the most of your social media marketing for your battlefield business. Learn new things, try them out, just get out there and do it! Ask for feedback and track your analytics to see what's working (and what's not). Then re-learn and re-try.