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5 Questions To Ask To Discover If A Battlefield Business Is Right For You

5 Questions To Ask

Running games all day for a living sounds like a lot of fun. But this is not some “too good to be true” business. Sure, it is fun. But running a live gaming business is also hard work. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme.  

Rather it is a stable business when cultivated with good old-fashioned hard slog.  Who makes a good battlefield operator? 

Here’s 5 questions to ask yourself to discover if a battlefield business is right for you.

5 questions to ask yourself

Ask yourself: Are you a social person? 

As the owner of a battlefield you need to interact with lots of people. 

Personality is important. 

If you can relate to different types of personalities, if you are happy to communicate with them and you can put yourself in their shoes, it certainly helps. 

Here are some traits of a successful battlefield owner: 

  • Owners who make themselves available on the battlefield 
  • Owners who are willing to spend time trouble-shooting (including the business back-office, gaming guns and the missions!) 
  • Owners who get to know their customers, who understand their needs and want to know their playing styles and can coach them to improve their game play. 

Can you see yourself thriving within a fast‐paced environment? 

On the battlefield there is a lot of motion. It is somewhere there are lots of people moving about, loud noises, multiple people asking you questions at once. Our average size group, year-round, is 60 people. Sixty people all talking and gaming can be noisy!

If you know you are good at crowd control then a new venture in battlefield ownership might just be the ticket for you. 

Ask yourself: Do you like Kids & Teens?  

Teens and young adults love live gaming. Kids love imaginative play. They love to be active. To really succeed battlefield operators, need to love youth and be ready to network with them and their parents or carers.  

Spark Joy! 

You might have heard of Japanese personality Marie Kondo who famously is decluttering one home at a time.
What does this have to do with a Battlefield Business you might ask?
While live gaming is obviously not the same as tidying up, it does offer a chance for you, the Operator, to spark joy in your gamers’ lives.
Do you like helping people? 

Can you deliver fantastic customer service? 

Ask yourself: Are you someone who has a good character and a good work ethic? 

Are you the sort of person who can make things happen?  Can you get things done?
A live gaming business requires good execution skills. 

Consider too: 

  • Can you lift heavy objects?  
  • Have you got a current Driver's License (for bigger events you might even need a license that suitable for a light commercial vehicle or truck) 
  • Are you prepared to work on the weekends?  

Being able to get things done yourself is important. As your battlefield business grows getting other people to get things done is important as well.

Ask yourself: Do you have the money to invest in yourself? 

For a small, part-time mobile laser tag business your initial investment could start around $10,000. For an outdoor fixed venue, say as an add-on to a summer camp or an adventure park then a battlefield business operator will need around $30,000 for a bigger arsenal. Or if for a serious contender planning a major installation of an indoor laser tag arena then factor in $50,000 or more. In each case an operator will need an initial marketing budget and some working capital.

Consider this: are you investing your own money? Are you going for a standard bank loan, an equipment lease, or a SBA loan? Or is Mom or Dad stumping up the money? 

Which every way you are getting the funding, be prepared to have some contingency capital to last until the business can break-even. 

Ask yourself: Do you have a supportive partner? 

This might be the most important question to ask yourself. 

Some of the draw backs is that you are working when others are on weekends, on holidays, and sometimes you may need to work seven days a week, especially in the start‐up phase of your business. Your partner and family need to support you in that. 

We look for someone who asks good questions. Are you really interested in laser tag and live gaming? If so, then the prospective operator will ask insightful questions. 

Making a good battlefield operator

If you can answer these five questions then you might just make a good battlefield entrepreneur. A live gaming business is a chance to turn your passion into your profession. 

People still (even after 20 years in the business) say “do you really get paid to organize games” or even “that’s not a real job!”. 

If you are considering starting a battlefield business and you love gaming, and love working with people then owning a Battlefield Business might just be your next great adventure.

With persistence and hard graft together with assistance from mentors and suppliers like Battlefield Sports a Battlefield Business can go from dream to reality.

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