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5 Brilliant Ideas For Instagram Posts For Your Laser Tag Business

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5 Brilliant Ideas For Instagram posts

Here's a loaded question: should you be using Instagram to connect with your laser tag audience?

You can guess the correct answer!

According to Hootsuite, about 1 billion people use Instagram each month. As social media channels go, these statistics are only behind Facebook and YouTube. That's better than Pinterest, Snapchat, Linkedin and even Twitter.

instragram quotes Instagram’s stats show that 80% of account holders follow a business. They say: "From major brands to local, family-run shops, businesses around the world are driving proven results with Instagram."

But even if you have a small following, it is a great way to interact with your followers.

Some features are not unlocked until you reach 10,000 followers. But there are other features, like Instagram "Stories" that any business can use to help boost engagement.

The fact is as a laser tag business operator you cannot ignore Instagram. Instagram is still growing as is the amount of time users interact on the platform.

It is a great opportunity to attract new followers and potential new customers.

But Instagram is crowded so here are 5 brilliant ideas to help your posts stand out in the crowd.

Here are 5 Brilliant Ideas For Your Instagram Posts

#5: Video Showing Your Players In Action

Laser Tag game-play makes fun video clips. Encourage your staff (and your players!) to take short clips of your HQ area or foyer, short films of players enjoying the forest or capturing the flag. You can use extra apps like "Boomerang" to turn a time-lapse photo into a quick video.

Gamers often create GoPro clips of themselves playing, invite them to tag themselves and your brand on their posts. Just like when you are selecting a gaming theme for your business, you will want to curate the images and videos to ensure they match your brand.

#4: Throw-Back Thursdays!

Everyone loves a bit of nostalgia. Showcase a photo from your first event or, if you haven't been running for long, then one from the same time last year.

You can even schedule the date/time of when your post will appear without the need for a third-party app (here's how - https://www.socialmediaexaminer.com/how-to-schedule-instagram-posts-on-desktop-without-third-party-tools/ )

#3: Behind The Scenes

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me "What? You get paid to do this!".


Despite what some players may think there is much effort that goes into getting everything ready to run an effortless laser tag event. So some occasional shots of your work behind the scenes might spark the interest of your gamers.

Don't forget Instagrammers love food. So if you run a cafe as part of your operation, showcase your sparkling kitchen as well as your latest addition to your menu.

Gamers love stats. If you have the latest SATR3 live gaming system game management software then you can showcase K/D Ratios, A/W Ratios, Team Winning Margins and much more!

#2: Announcements & Updates

Do you have a special event coming up? Have you upgraded the props on your battlefield or arena?  Use Instagram to let your followers know about your news. You can use free apps like Canva or WordSwag to make your text look attractive.

#1: Quotes

Quotable quotes with engaging images are a great way to re-iterate your brand's message. Make sure you keep consistent with your business's look and feel. Do you want a grungy outlaw look or a warm and fuzzy family-friendly feel? Add your logo to the bottom corner and hey-pesto!

Instagram Ideas Summary

In summary, Instagram is a fast-growing social media channel. It is popular with young people/millennials. Promote engagement by posting content that your users like and comment on. Ask your audience questions. Stumped for ideas? You can also re-use your Facebook posts and recycle (or up-cycle) your old Facebook posts onto your Instagram account.

When you post try to keep to a consistent color scheme. Many of the most popular Instagrammers group your posts in sets of 3.

Overall just be authentic.

You love your laser tag business so wear your heart on your sleeve!

p.s. If you are wondering, our Instagram channel is here.