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4 Tips for Running Big Laser Tag Events

Four Tips for Running Big Laser Tag Events

empty gaming gun safeSpring is one of the best times of the year for laser tag, especially outdoor laser tag. The weather is mild and people are optimistic. At Battlefield LIVE, events can be seasonal, with September being our busiest month.

We love Spring.


Because there are lots and lots of birthdays celebrated in September. (After all, it is nine months after Christmas/New Year.) Because there are lots of sports team break up events in September. And the Spring Break offers a terrific opportunity for young and old to play laser tag on their vacation.

This Spring at Battlefield LIVE was no exception.

This weekend has been one of the biggest weekends of the year so far!

You'd think with more than 1,000 laser tag guns in our arsenal we wouldn't book out! But over the next few days, we've got three battlefield venues running simultaneously plus a full-service inflatable event and hundreds of gaming guns rented.

More than 755 people have booked in to play with huge battles with 50, 65, 78 and 100 people playing at once.

So not surprisingly the gaming gun safe (this gun safe is the size of a room) is empty!

Here are Four Tips for Running Big Laser Tag Events

Tip #1: Determine How Big You Can Go

We limit the number of gamers who can play at once to 100. Not because that's the limit of SATR laser tag system capacity. No sir. It is the capacity of our venue's car park.

100 is just a fraction of the world record for the biggest laser tag event. A couple of years ago we supplied the laser tag equipment to the Boy Scouts who used the gear at their Jamboree. They hold the record, 436 people playing at once!

Even if you start with a small arsenal the SATR laser tag system can grow with your business.

Tip #2: Plan in Advance

People like predictability.  So if there is any change to your regular opening hours or session timetable, let people, including your staff, know.

We have a Google calendar linked on our website so guests can see which battlefield venues, at which times they can book into a public session. (Public sessions are where several different groups book to the same battles.) Private session bookings can be made at any time of the day or night, depending on availability.

Tip #3: Select Live-Plays / Games That Scale

While the V.I.P Escort Mission is a terrific live-play / laser tag game it works best if you have a group of between 6 and 80 players. Suppose you have more than 80 gamers playing at once the scenario can lose its impact.

A better choice of game is Domination. Instead of using just one game box in the center of the battlefield, just add a couple more. So the combat action is spread across all three Domination Boxes.

There are more insights on which missions to choose for which groups in our Basic Games Handbook. download a copy today.

Tip #4: Make Your Ticket Price Strategy Work

There are two parts to our Ticket Price strategy: group pre-payment and the upsell.

To encourage big groups to offer big discounts if organizers pre-pay for lots of people in one transaction. For example, if people pay on the field as a walk-on the ticket price is $40pp cash (for a 2-hour session). If someone pre-pays for 1 to 9 people then the price drops to $30pp. If the organizer pre-pays for between 10 and 19 people at once then the ticket is $27pp. For 20 to 29 people at once, the ticket is $24pp. And for more than 30 people in one pre-paid transaction, the tickets are only $21pp.

This saves on administration overhead to track individual ticket sales and encourages the organizer to get those few extra gamers on board!

Running lots of small sessions with just a few gamers at once is not as economical as running a smaller number of very large sessions. There are economies of scale in the big groups.

The other party of the ticket price strategy is to encourage the upsell. As well as offering food and beverage to the gamers there are lots of other opportunities for additional sales. You might offer camouflage outfit rental, or sell face paint or other army-themed merchandise. For more information on how to work out your laser tag ticket price, see this blog. 

Big Is Beautiful

Being part of a big laser tag battle is thrilling. As soon as you arrive at the battlefield there is a buzz and you can feel the energy of the gamers.

Younger players love it because there is lots of action and older players love it because there are lots of targets!

Everyone gets excited from the mission briefing and throughout the live games.

It is an extraordinary experience. One of those handful of times that they will never forget.

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