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4 Hacks To Get Great Photos For Your Battlefield Business

Tips to Help Your Battlefield Business 

#4 Hacks to help your get great photos for your business

Here are four hacks that have worked well for me regarding photos. 

If you don't have a big budget to get a professional photographer to create some magic for you these hacks might prove useful. 

Hack #1 For Getting Great Photos 

First up, invest in a top-quality digital camera. Choose a smartphone that has a good camera.

Digital cameras in smartphones have advanced a lot in recent years. Experience with different settings to see what works for you. You can also get extra apps nowadays, such as Lightroom, which can enhance your images.

photo hacks for small business

Hack #2 For Getting Great Photos 

Second, running a live-action gaming business is great for PR opportunities. 

So when a photo-journalist comes to take a photo of an event you are running or doing a story on your battlefield, then here’s a tip for getting great photos. Whether it be from the local rag or the London Times, photo-journalists have very good skills regarding how to set up a good picture. They often bring lights; know where to stand to get a good perspective; what to place behind the subject to ensure good composition, etc.

Regarding copyright ownership of photos, if that photojournalist takes the photo they own it.

This is the way it is, even if the photo is of you. And some news services charge a LOT of money for copyright release, i.e. to give your permission for you to use that image on your website or in your brochures.

But, now here’s the kicker, get one of your staff to also have a camera or phone handy and take some photos (take lots of photos, they are digital you can always delete the bad ones!!) and take your own images from just over their shoulder. In other words, stand just behind where the professional photographer is standing, and you should get a good photo. 

This way you can generate an image that you own because this photo was taken by one of your staff, with your phone or camera.

Of course, just to be polite, you might want to ask the photo-journalist before your start hovering behind/around him/her if it is ok that you take a couple of snapshots.

(HINT: Use the word snapshots or similar because it sounds casual.)

Also, you might like to also take a photo of yourself with the photo-journalist, or the journalist, or the celebrity shaking hands with you. This is a good habit to get into, so you will end up with, eventually, lots of photos of you with important people to put on your boardroom wall.


Hack #3 For Getting Great Photos 

Ensure that you include in your employment contract with your staff any photos/videos that they capture during the course of their duties that you (or your company) will own the copyright of this audio-visual.

Likewise, I also recommend including a clause in your employment contract that your staff are expected to act as “talent” i.e. actors or extras for photo or film shoots as a normal part of their duties, they will not receive any royalties for such contributions.

Hack #4 For Getting Great Photos 

So you got loads of digital photos at your fingertips. Great!

Before you hit the "delete" button on your device transfer them to your laptop or desktop so you can go through each one. 

The bigger screen will help you make a verdict on whether or not the image with worth showcasing your battlefield business.

Not only are you looking for an image that is in focus and has good composition and it tells the story you want to be told.

But always check what is the background of the image.

You'll be surprised how many times it can happen where you get something in the background that you don't want. 

how to get better photos for your business

Summing Up: Tips for Getting Great Photos

Having great photos for your website and social media channels is super important.

So try out these four photo hacks and see if they can work for you.

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