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3 Experts Give Their Number #1 Tip On Customer Retention

3 Tips From 3 Experts

There are a myriad of strategies for getting your customers to return.

Retaining your loyal customer base needs to be a key focus for battlefield business operators looking for good return on investment.

We asked three battlefield experts for their number one tip for getting repeat customers.

3 tips for getting laser tag customers to keep coming back

Tip #1: Unparalleled Customer Service

Jason Cahill from Next Level Laser Skirmish in Geelong, Australia says simply "Give them the best experience."

Customers have very high expectations. Successful battlefield operators need to delivery consistently, the highest levels of customers service for their gamers. Going that extra mile or as the Landrover tag line goes "Above & Beyond" is vital.

Fostering a good relationship with your existing customers builds a community around your brand. It shows your gamers that you care about them.

Tip #2: Keep Top Of Mind

Todd (aka Cypher) Robinson from Spec Ops Live Play in Riverbank California, USA says "Harass them. No joke. I have a gift. Our clients give it back to us, too."

"We create some great memories that happen [on the battlefield], during briefings and break time," he said.

Helping your players to re-live the fabulous experience they had at your facility is a key to customer retention. Remind them! Keep in touch.

The famous Dan Kennedy believes in keeping in touch with customers. Some may say he is an over-sharer. His strategy is to send out a monthly print newsletter, weekly email newsletters, post Birthday, Thank-you, and Christmas cards, publish special reports, educations audios, and much much more! And he's just getting started. Now say that is customer harassment... 

Tip #3: Build Trust By Building The Relationship and Asking For Reviews

Customers want to believe that your concern for them goes beyond just getting their money.

Mark Williams from Battlefield Games in Ripley, near Derby, United Kingdom says "Great customer service every time. I always make a point of talking to the birthday child personally at the end after they have eaten their birthday meal so they are at their happiest and discuss what they enjoyed the most to reinforce the memories and thanking them, their friends and the organizers for choosing us. We also strongly 'encourage' parents to provide Facebook feedback to support future parents decisions to choose us."

Successful battlefield businesses are built on trust. Trust between you and the customer.

Satisfied, loyal customers are more likely to sing a your battlefield business's praises and refer their friends and family -- bringing in new customers, without the big marketing budget.

When booking a live gaming event organizers want to know that people, just like them, booked before and had a great time. Online reviews like Facebook, Google Business, Yelp, and TripAdvisor are great places to encourage reviews of your attraction.

In Summary

The difference between battlefield businesses that grow and those that don’t is customer retention. Sure, customer acquisition is important but customer retention is more profitable. According to the Harvard Business Review it is 5 to 25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to retain an existing customer.

If you are using the Battlefield HQ software you can run a report by date range to discover which customers are your V.I.P.s. Loyal customers are those who book more often and often spend more than brand new ones. And you as the battlefield operators want to encourage them to keep coming back, again and again.

Source: HBR