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28 Benefits of Live-Action Gaming

Marketing Your Battlefield Business - 28 Benefits to Sell Your Customers on LIVE-Action Gaming

Have you ever thought, really thought, about the benefits of live-action gaming?

Consumers these days want to know more about your product than the headline package (i.e. birthday parties, team building etc.).

That's not the whole story.

People want to know they are going to get an experience worth their money.

Consider the core benefits for your customers. 

I like to say we sell happy memories

But that's just one of the many reasons for your customers to participate in a live-action gaming experience.

To make it easier to digest I’ve categorized them into 4 different groups: 

  • social
  • physical
  • skill, and 
  • psychological benefits.

So, let’s dive right in and start with the social benefits of live-action gaming.

live action gaming


Live-action gaming is social. Players who experience live-action gaming are going to meet plenty of new people. It is a way to meet plenty of new people and build a closer bond with friends and co-workers.

Live-action scenarios are a great ice-breaker for a team-building event. It is a terrific activity for a birthday party or sports team celebration.
  • Think: Being Social
  • Think: Meeting new people 
  • Think: Team-Play – Both with other Team-mates and the Opposition Players 
  • Think: Motivation & Encouragement  
  • Think: Build Friendships & Rivalries 
  • Think: Community, both on the Field and Online 
  • Think: Camaraderie & a Sense of Belonging 

Playing a mental and physical scenario that focuses on team objectives. This can create great friendships among the players. We’ve even had a few of our regular players meet boyfriends/girlfriends. And a couple has even ended up getting married!!

Those are just a few of the social benefits of live-action gaming.


Live-action gaming is a get-up-and-go experience. It is not virtual. 

It is the player, actually moving around the forest or the arena. 

Even if you have a "no running" rule the players are still ducking and weaving, walking around the playing field.  

Bottom line: it is a physical activity.  

And there are a lot of benefits that come with that. 

  • Think: "Call of Duty" IRL (a real, not virtual experience) 
  • Think: Stress relief. De-stressing from Work and Other Pressures of Life
  • Think: Health or Wellness. 
  • Think: Endurance and Stamina. 
  • Think: Agility & Balance.
  • Think: Hand/eye Coordination
  • Think: an Active Lifestyle & Calorie Burning
  • Think: Strength & Flexibility.

  • Think: a Better Life & maybe even a Longer Life!

Studies on other sports and recreation have discovered that participation in regular exercise can contribute to longevity. Sure, customers could choose an event that’s less active.

But live-action gaming doesn’t really FEEL like exercise when you are immersed in the gameplay. Playing a live-action role-play offers a story inside the scenario. 

This creates an immersive experience. 

There are movement and lots of action! 

Playing live-action games enables players to engage in cardiovascular exercise. It is an opportunity to strengthen muscles without endless hours on a treadmill. It is a way to have fun. It’s a story-driven experience. A way to experience the thrill of the scenario. 

Successful summer camp operator from Washington, USA, Mark McKinney agrees. "We have six different themes or storylines in our camps. One of the themes is history. They are immersed in the culture of the battle. Such as the 101st airborne dropped behind enemy lines. They are charging the beaches on D-Day and stuff like that.”

“That’s one of the reasons for our great re-bookings for the second year of camp. When the kids were immersed, in a story. When the kids had a storyline, a background as to why they were trying to take this hill then they got really engaged. Offering a "special ops" theme in our summer camp has worked well for us," said Mark. 

As humans, if we experience high-intensity physical activity then our brain releases endorphins. This makes you feel good. Those are just a few of the physical benefits live-action gaming provides.


Live-action gaming is easy to pick up. 

Literally, you turn the gaming gun on and start blasting! 

But playing well does require some skill. 

As a beginner, it is easy to start playing. But once a gamer has played several times, they can learn new skills.  

  • Think: Easy To Start Playing 
  • Think: Tactical Game-Play & Strategy  
  • Think: Quick Decision-Making & Awareness of the Environment 
  • Think: Target-Acquisition & Anticipation of the Opposition 
  • Think: Victories – Personal Wins and Personal Best Performances as well as Team Victories. 

As live-action gamer improves their skills, they can develop tactics. 

They can decide during the scenario when to defend, or when to attack. 

When to go it alone. 

Or when to work as a duo or squad. 

It is vital for a player to be aware of their terrain. It is part of their game success.

More they also need to be aware of what others are doing. What both their teammates and the opposition players are doing. Or likely to do next. 

This sort of multi-faceted experience is thrilling. Those are just a few of the skill-development benefits of live-action gaming. 



Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of live-action gaming is its psychological benefits.  

  • Think: Fun & Games, literally! 
  • Think: Confidence & a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Think: Resilience & Courage under Fire. Even though the bullets are not real, the experience is authentic. 
  • Think: Friendly Competition & Real Challenge.
  • Think: Knowing how to Win & How to Lose 
  • Think: Learning how to Handle Pressure & what to do when there’s Little Stimulus 
  • Think: Better Inter-personal Skills & a Sense of Fair-play Think: Intensity & Concentration.

It takes bravery to keep trying to take the objective. 

Especially when you are doing to your last hit-point. And you’ve already taken too many respawns! If some of your players are introverts then a live-action game is great for them. 


Because it encourages participation from all sorts of player types. 

Some gamers go gung-ho. They charge in. 

Some gamers hang back and sniper from the rear.

No one is left out. 

Those are just a few of the psychological benefits live-action gaming provides. Can you think of some others?


This is a list of 28 different benefits of live-action gaming. It is designed to make you think. For you to consider new ways of thinking about this adventure activity. Finding new ways to sell it. 

You can include these concepts in messaging with potential players. 
The idea is to sell benefits, not just tickets or packages.

Select one or two of these benefits to help promote your service. As well as advertising your products and services, including some of these benefits. Be they physical, psychological, social or skill benefits.