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Laser Tag phaser: The "Blaster"

New Laser Tag Gun

A brand new addition to the Battlefield Sports portfolio of laser guns is the compact Blaster Phaser. The Blaster gaming gun is ultra compact and ultra light weight. 

Click on the main image to get a close up on the Blaster's specifications, or click here

Blaster Spec

Blaster Tagger

It is great for either indoor or outdoor games. Read the launch press release, click 


This new model comes with a 40mm lens (the same as the Scorpion) for LONG range gaming, even in daylight.

This new compact laser gun is sure to be popular with battlefield operators because it is so light while being robust.

laser gun - compact phaser - blaster Or simply change the software settings to "indoor" mode for arena gaming.

The laser tag games played with the Blaster are perfect for mobile laser tag or indoor Family Entertainment Centers.

The construction on this laser gun is a hybrid of aluminum with stainless steel bolts and tough poly-carbonate. 

This makes the Blaster one of the most rugged laser guns on the market.

Looks Terrific

We received our first Blaster today. Looks terrific guys, very good job. We tested it today, hit distance, over 120 meters (400ft) at midday, awesome.

Carlos Mackenney, Chile

It has a full trigger mechanism. 

It also comes standard with a Red Dot scope.

Battlefield Sports' laser guns are famous for its build quality and realism without sacrificing durability.    

This Battlefield TAG (laser tag) model you can really create a "wow!" effect with your customers.


  • Latest SATR Patented system: SATR3standard
  • Style Compact Phaser
  • CE & FCC Certification
  • Optik sensors, the most advanced hit sensors available exclusive to Battlefield Sports: standard
  • Predator Muzzle Flash - tri colored-hyper-bright (blue/red/white/off): standard
  • Range Short for CQB (Close Quarters Battles)
  • Red Dot Scope: standard
  • Construction Hybrid Poly-carbonate/Metal, handle 
  • Trigger full trigger mechanism

    Weight from 1.3kgs/2.8lbs

  • Standard issue color: hammer-burst black (with option upgrade red/blue tube) 
  • Recommended environments Day/Night Indoor or Outdoors
  • Gun Length 32cm/12.6"


Recommended Emulations 

  • Scorpion (default)
  • Uzi