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This theme completely revolutionizes your live-action gaming! 

The Battlefield ROYALE theme is inspired by the popular Fortnite and PUBG video games. 

This live-action gaming theme uses new game props like Supply Crates to level up the thrill.

Popular Games To Play in this Theme:

But there are many more game options!


Supply Crates

Supplies come in three types: Weapons, Ammunition, and Aids

Supply Crates & Loot Boxes have been in video games for over a decade. Now they’ve come to Live Action Gaming.

Each Supply Crate holds three types of upgrades at once: 

  • a weapon
  • a type of ammunition, 
  • and an aid. 

Every 15 seconds the box randomizes the items automatically from its list.

The Laser Tag guns have 8 slots: 

  • 4 for weapons; 
  • and 4 for aids. 

So a gamer can carry up to four virtual weapons.

Gamers love supply crates because while there's plenty of randomness, they are never punished for getting to the supply crate. Fighting over its defence is all the more important with the team that controls a supply crate able to collect more supplies during the game. It provides random weapons, aids and ammunition.  

When refreshed, a Supply Crate will have one weapon, one aid and one ammunition resupply available for collection by a gamer. 

Weapons, Ammunition and Aids have a rarity property that is the probability they will appear in a Supply Crate.    

Weapon Upgrades

Ammunition Types

Aids (Healing & Shields)

These supplies come from a new device role “Supply Crate” that can only be found in the Battlefield Royale theme. 

The supply crate is refreshed every 15 seconds and will provide one weapon, one aid and one type of ammunition. Gamers can have up to 4 weapons and 4 aids in their 8 virtual slots. 

Gamers only need to get next to the supply crate as upgrades are done by both infrared and “melee” range digital radio. If the “Auto Emit” option is yes, gamers don’t need to touch any buttons to receive upgrades.

This theme offers gamers automatic slot management. In other words, the system will enable the player to use the best weapon (with ammo) that is in one of their slots. 

If you reload with ammo still in your magazine it returns to your ammunition pool. You can see all your ammo by holding down both the reload and mode buttons. 

Weapon Upgrades 

The supply crate automatically issues weapons. Which weapon you get depends on how rare the emulation is. In this theme, a gamer can have up to 4 slots for weapons. Automatic slot management is activated whenever a new weapon is loaded from a supply crate or the current weapon has no ammunition left or a respawn has occurred.  When activated, a search is made of all 4 weapon slots, selecting the weapon that has ammunition and is the highest-ranked. 


  • C is for Common 50%  
  • U is for Uncommon 25%  
  • R is for Rare 13% 
  • E is for Epic 8%  
  • L is for Legendary 4%

Aids (Healing & Shields)

The system also has 4 slots for aids. 

AIDS: Item - Rarity

  • Bandages - Common 
  • Med Kit - Uncommon 
  • Shield Boost - Rare 
  • Boost Juice - Epic 

Each time a gamer receives an aid from a supply crate or takes damage, automatic aid management is checked.     

A healing aid is applied if hit points have dropped below 30 or an aid can be applied to maximum effect. 

Bandages are checked first and if the current hit points are 44 (60 max hit points for Bandages less 16 points of healing) or less, then Bandages are applied and the gamer cannot shoot for 4 seconds97. If Bandages are not applicable either because the gamer has no bandages or their current health is too high, the Med Kit is check. A Med Kit will only automatically enable if the gamers current hit points are below 30.   A Med Kit will heal a gamer back to the maximum 100 hit points over a 10 second period. 

A shield power-up is automatically activated when the gamer has either a Shield Boost or has Boost Juice and the shield is currently below 30.   Shield Boost is checked first. Gamers can manually trigger an aid by scrolling to the aid by holding down the mode button and then releasing when the aid is found followed by a trigger-pull.    

An aid will not function and will not be used if it cannot provide any benefit to the gamer. 

Automatic Slot Management

Our system automatic manages your weapons & applies healing when you need it.

All the available weapons are ranked. The system will always give you the best weapon you are holding (as long as you have ammo).

When a new weapon is added or the current weapon runs out of ammunition, the system will automatically place the highest ranked weapon into the current slot.On a player’s display LINE 3 will show what supplies they have in real-time. It will scroll through each slot that has ammunition showing what is in that slot and how much ammunition it has.

This is especially useful to see what aids like bandages are available to you which switching to them.

Battle Royale Mission

Introducing a mission inspired by COD and Fortnite's most popular mission. With this mission your gamers feel like they are experiencing "Fortnite for Real". 

Battle Royale Solo 

The classic scenario is that 100 gamers are parachuted into the battlefield, each vying to be the last gamer standing. Of course, in the SATR3 system, you can have many more than 100 playing at once. 

Battle Royale Duo 

Grab your mate and work as a pair to battle it out against other couples. Your pair can go up against 6 other twosomes. Or with Friendly-Fire on then, you can have just other 1,000 pairs all battling it out on the same battlefield (If you can find one big enough!) 

Battle Royale Squad

The squad game can have up to 7 teams. While the classic squad is of 4 gamers, you can have as many as 290 gamers on each squad. This is a classic multiplayer game.


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