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At the supply crate, you can collect more Ammunition. 

battlefield royale's AIDS 


Within the Battlefield Royale theme all weapon emulations require a certain types of ammo. 

A smart aspect of the system is that when a gamer is at the supply crate, and the weapon inside the supply crate is a lower rarity than their current weapon, their gaming gun will collect the ammunition only!


Ammunition Types in Battlefield Royale

Battle Royale has several types of aids, each has a different benefit. 

The List:

  • Light: For the Assault Rifles, Mini Guns, PDWs, Automatic Pistol & most Handguns. 
  • Medium: For the Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Heavy: For the Sniper Rifles & the Handcannon (a type of Handgun). 
  • Shell: For the Tacital Shotguns. 
  • Grenade: For the Grenade Launchers. 
  • Rocket: For the RPGs. 

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