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At the supply crate, you can collect "aids". These can heal a gamer or give them Shields which act like bonus HP.

battlefield royale's AIDS 

Healing & Shields

Stay alive with these upgrades available from your supply crate. All these items are automatically used when the gamer needs them / collects them. 


Aids (What are they?)

Battle Royale has several types of aids, each has a different benefit. 

The List:

  • Bandages
  • Med Kit
  • Boost Juice
  • Shield Boost


These will heal up 16 points, over 4 seconds. 

It cannot heal you heal past 60 HP (out of your total 100 hit points).

You will have 3 bandages to use. 

Med Kit

This item does 100 points of healing over 10 seconds (does not heal pass your maximum 100 HP). 

Shield Boost

This item will provide you 52 shield points (or up to your maximun of 100). It takes 4 seconds. You are able to shoot during this time. 

Boost Juice

The best - and rariest - aid in the game. This will give you 60 points to your HP & 60 shield points. It takes 30 seconds. You can shoot while healing. 

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