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Battlefield LIVE Genre Games 

There are literally hundreds of different games and scenarios you can play within the Battlefield LIVE theme. The four most popular ones are: 

Other very popular games include: 

We also have a multi-variant scenario game called Border Command. This is where one team gets their mission briefing. And your opponent team gets a different mission based on the roll of some dice. Both do not know what the other's mission is. It is a thrilling experience. 

Battlefield LIVEā„¢ draws on the worldwide mega-trend of gaming to offer customers a chance to live out their Hollywood hero fantasies. We offer you the secret to how to run thrilling combat entertainment experiences. The Basic Games Handbooks give you the low-down how run the games, including the scripts for live-action scenarios, specifically:

  • mission objectives
  • briefing script/s (storyline) plus Video Briefings
  • descriptions of scenes and props (such as which gaming guns to use), and
  • if relevant, team backgrounds.

Want to get a copy of the Basic Games "Battlefield LIVE" Handbook? click here