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Battlefield LIVE Genre: Battle Royale

Battle Royale Game in the Battlefield LIVE genre 

Battle Royal Game - Battlefield LIVE Genre

Play out this popular game in one of two ways - a solo free for all or play in squads. New in SATR3.3 now you can play Battle Royal LIVE. 

battle royal in the battlefield live genre
The Battle Royal craze just got a little bigger with the new Battlefield Royal LIVE mod that is inspired by the popular Fornite and PUBG video games.  

The Battle Royale LIVE players out in three ways:

  • * Solo - Free-for-all or
  • * Duo - Work as a pair against up to 6 other couples
  • * Squads - A Team of Gamers go head to head against up to 6 other squads 

Game is where one clan seeks to be the last gamer or laser squad standing in an ever-shrinking battlefield. 

Battle Royale Solo

The classic scenario is that 100 gamers are parachuted into the battlefield, each vying to be the last gamer standing. Of course, in the SATR3 system you can have many more than 100 playing at once. 

Battle Royale Duo

Grab your mate and work as a pair to battle it out against other couples. Your pair can go up against 6 other twosomes. Or with Friendly-Fire on then you can have just other 1,000 pairs all battling it out on the same battlefield (If you can find one big enough!) 

Battle Royale Squads

The squads can have up to 7 teams. While the classic squad is of 4 gamers, you can have as many as 290 gamers on each squad.  This is a classic multiplayer game.

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