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Battle Box set on Battle Royale 

Battle RoyalE Box

Battle Royale mode is now available from software SATR3.3 onwards. In the latest software code, the setting of the Battle ROYALE box is even easier! 

Battle Boxes can actually be configured to run as 23 different settings, the "Battle Royale" box being one of the most popular.  

Inspired by the popular video games Fortnite and PUBG with the new Battle Royale Box you can run a Battle Royale game.

The Battle Royale box will issue a series of commands:

  • A burst of Immunity (over the course of the game this will shrink in range)
  • A burst of damage (this is configurable but will affect the entire battlefield)

The first time a gamer takes damage without immunity there is a sound effect.

Then the next time a game takes damage they will lose some hit points. 

The duration between the bursts is configurable. 

This new box will have the standard features of a combo box plus the Battle Royale feature.

Battle Royale Game-Play

The new Battle Royale game can be run in several ways.

You can do solo, free-for-all game or team missions. 

You can have squad games. For example, you can have a number of players in each team in up to 7 teams with friendly-fire off. You can have an unlimited number of teams if friendly-fire is on.  

Or you can have 10 players in each team. In fact you up to 292 players per squad across 7 teams!

Or you can run two teams each of 50 aside. 

Customers have given us awesome feedback about the new Battle Royale game, so we have created a comprehensive Battlefield Royale theme or genre for thrilling game-play. 


How to Set a Box to act as a "Battle Royale" Box 

First, turn the unit on with the key while holding down the red button. The display will show “REC. Options NO/YES” choose YES. 

This will mean that box will now show a list of “Recommended Options”. 

On the Battle Box push the green button to lock in your choice. 

Next, it will boot up in a few seconds. There is also a voice-over explains the “REC. Options”. The first option you will see is “Weapon”. Press the red box once, and this will change the option to the one on the list i.e. “Battle Royale”. Again there is a short voice-over that describes this. 

The next option is “Domination Box”. 

battle box - blue
The other options are 
  • • Flag Box
  • • Medic Box 
  • • Money Drop Box 
  • • Radio Repeater 
  • • Simple Controller 
  • • Supply Crate 
  • • Vault 

So once the display shows “Battle Royale” then press the green button to lock in your choice. It starts with “Max Circle” which stands for Maximum Circle. 

After about a minute the field will automatically shrink to Huge Circle. 

Then another minute it drops to a Large Circle. 

Another minute it drops to Medium Circle. 

Again, another minute it drops to Small Circle. 

And finally, after another minute, it drops to a Tiny Circle.  

This is very close! Only a few yards (meters) apart. 

It is our experience, the best way to run this game is with squads. You could have 4 squads all starting at a different Supply Crate (north/south/east/west of your field, ideally so the teams cannot see each other at the start). I also recommend having a radio repeater, with a whip antenna, high up somewhere in the center of your battlefield. The Supply Crates need to be positioned within the circle.