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Battle Box set on Battle Royale 

Battle RoyalE Box


Battle Royal mode is now available from software SATR3.3 onwards.

Inspired by the popular video games Fortnite and PUBG with the new Battle Royale Box you can run a Battle Royal game.

The Battle Royal box will issue a series of commands:

  • Burst of Immunity (over the course of the game this will shrink in range)
  • Burst of damage (this is configurable but will affect the entire battlefield)

The first time a gamer takes damage without immunity there is a sound effect.

Then the next time a game takes damage they will lose some hit points. 

The duration between the bursts is configurable. 

This new box will have the standard features of a combo box plus the Battle Royale feature.

Battle Royale Game-Play

The new Battle Royale game can be run in several ways.

You can do a solo, free-for-all game or team missions. 

You can have squad games. For example, you can have 4 players in each team in up to 7 teams with friendly-fire off. You can have an unlimited number of teams if friendly-fire is on.  

Or you can have 10 players in each team. In fact you up to 292 players across 7 teams. 

Or you can run two teams each of 50 aside. 

Customers have given us awesome feedback about the new Battle Royale game, so we have created a comprehensive Battle Royale genre for thrilling game-play.