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Battle Box - Set as a Medic Box

The Battle Box gaming accessory is a 'must-have' in fact you really need two Battle Boxes for every gaming venue. Reduce your staffing with a Battle Box - the idea being that you place a Battle Box set as Medic Box in each clan's base. Medic Box - Rep TeamIn an ideal set of Battlefield LIVE set would consist of gaming guns, 2 x Medic Boxes plus 1 x Domination Box.

Purpose of a Battle Box / Medic Box

The Battle Box is a flexible accessory. You can set it as a Medic Box so let the gamers respawn themselves. Or set it as an Ammo Box so gamers can replenish their ammunition. Or you can set it as a Combo Box (which is the most popular) which does respawns and ammo.

Usually you place a Battle Box at the starting base for each team.

Thanks to the powerful Quad-Core motherboard the Battle Box retains all the functionality of SATR:


Software Specifications: Re-Spawn (Medic) & Reload (Ammo) Functionality

Blue Team Medic BoxOne of the main functions of a Battle Box is that it can be set to be a 'medic'. This way gamers can re-spawn themselves at their base.

Battlefield operators can set the unit so the blue clan can only re-spawn with their team’s box. Likewise, the red clan can only re-spawn using their box.

The battle box can be set to issue a fixed number of re-spawns per game, issue timed re-spawns.

Funner & Less Stress

After going to Reno Nevada I realized I needed the Battle Boxes, makes the game much funner and is less stress on the staff. It's amazing and funny how people in the freeway tell me to slow down to get the [booking] number, and every where I go people stop me to ask for business cards. Very much excited.
Kevin, Santa Barbara, USA

The Battle Box can also be set to issue a fixed amount of ammo reloads or timed reloads.

Alternatively it can be set to unlimited re-spawns and unlimited reloads.

A Battle Box can also be set as a 'combo' box so it will act as a medic and as an Ammo Dump. In other words, gamers can automatically replenish their ammunition with a simple push of a button.

The volume control can be set on boot up within the software settings.

Robust & Reliable

I've found the equipment to be very robust and reliable.
Andy, BC, Canada

Hardware Specifications

Here are the specifications of the milsim battle box:

  • The dimensions of the casing are 280mm × 155mm × 180mm (or 280mm x 155mm x 240mm including the external antenna).
  • The Box weighs only 2.2kg. Its predecessor was 3.4kg. So this is a big improvement.
  • The Battle Box comes as standard with the Jedi-Gray textured powder-coating.
  • The unit also includes one re-chargeable battery 7.2 volt (4,000mAh).

Battle Box - Set as a Medic Box

It is recommend that each arsenal has two Battle Boxes set as a medic box.

Medic Boxes respawn gamers from their clan's base.

Most commonly this box is set as a "Combo" Box. The Combo Box does two things, namely it acts as the medic AND also acts as an Ammo Box (so gamers can replenish their ammunition from their base).

Using a Battle Box in Battlefield LIVE game play means Alpha Team (red) get respawns at the red team's base. And Bravo Team (blue) get respawns at the blue team's base. 

New In-Game Perk for SATR 2.0: Spawn-Bot

In the latest software release SATR2.0+ as well as pressing the button to respawn, now gamers can get automatic respawns if they are in close proximity to the medic box. To find out more about how the Spawn-Bot works, click here.