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Certificate of Authenticity

comparison table It is important that all current shipments include your Certificate of Authenticity. Look for it with the paperwork in your shipment.

Battlefield Sports provides the ultimate in combat entertainment for you, but to get all the benefits you expect from Battlefield Sports gaming guns, you need to make sure it’s the authentic Battlefield Sports brand gaming guns you’re buying.

Comparison Table

To ensure you are getting the authentic Battlefield Sports quality order from your local Battlefield Sports consultant. Our consultants are listed on our contacts page.

The table opposition shows you the latest benefits you get with SATR 2 from Battlefield Sports compared to pirated versions.

With the new SATR2.2f (or the recent SATR2.0y) you can switch gun class with the master controller.  This has been a very commonly requested feature from our Battlefield Operators. This lets Battlefield Operators use any 69 weapon emulations easily without having to set each gun manually for gun class.


The master controller now has a special Set Red and blue team commands that lock the target gaming guns and give them a special configuration to suit very easy Domination style games. They still get 5 HP, no recoil emulation (red dot stays on all the time), unlimited reloads and automatic reloads, but the hit delay is reduced to 0.5 seconds. Experience has show that 0.5 second hit delay is necessary versus the 2 seconds in the old v1.6a code for Domination to be workable in close quarters games.


For anyone running a mobile or rental business with a Laser Tag theme and want to minimize staff training and potential errors, the spare device mode lets them select a limited list of options at boot up such as Red Team Phaser, Blue Team Phaser, Domination Box, Red Team Medic Box or Master Controller


Comprehensive Zombie game sub menu on the master controller, makes running Zombie games so much easier. The Zombie controller can set the theme on target gaming guns quickly. Just shoot the gaming gun/s and you can swap from normal (battle mode), to Zombie Haunted through to Zombie Apocalypse modes. So it is easy to quickly configure everything to run a Zombie game versus having to reboot each gun with the key to set the theme in the old v1.6a version. Also on the Zombie sub menu is the ability to quickly set all target gaming guns to a specific hit point value for Zombies, which is much faster and more practical than v1.6a. There is 4 different standard Zombie game settings as well to quickly configure Zombies and Survivors for the Zombie Kill Zone and Zombie Survival missions.

What makes Battlefield Sports superior?

For more than a decade only Battlefield Sports™ have pushed the boundaries developing a range of electronic gaming equipment to suit your business. As the industry Leader in Combat Entertainment we are dedicated to advancing Live-Gaming technology to enhance the way you operate your business.

Battlefield Sports range of Gaming Guns

Being technologically superior has also helped Battlefield Sports to produce a range of gaming guns to suit Your Battlefield Business needs. From the original Battlefield Sports classic system, to the latest innovation of our patented digital technology SATR (small arms transmitter receiver), there is always some equipment in the Battlefield Sports range which will suit your business.

Your Stuff is Awesome

The guns are fantastic! Here's what my good friend said: "The Guns are AWESOME! I was only able to stay for 5 hours. I wish I could have stayed longer. We have to get together and do it again." He's 29 and a father of 2. I also had my 10 year old niece tell her mom it was the funnest thing she's ever done. And we'll be doing it for her little brother's birthday in a couple months. He's eight. My soon to be brother-in-law in the US Air Force wants to get his Air Force buddies and go into the mountains and have an overnight party. We were rained (sprinkled) on twice but it was enough time to stop and have food and then play some more. I forgot to take pictures after the first game because it was too exciting. Basically, I'm trying to tell you that your stuff is awesome. Thank you.

So how do I know my gaming guns are authentic Battlefield Sports?

All Battlefield Sports gaming guns come with a Certificate of Authenticity, so you know you’re getting all the benefits you’re expecting.

Ask for Battlefield Sports by name.

Ask your local consultant for authentic Battlefield Sports brand gaming guns, and you’ll now you’re getting the best in combat entertainment for you and your customers. You can find your nearest consultant here.