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"Battlefield TAG" - A Family-Friendly Army Party Theme 

Are you Launching a Family Friendly Laser Tag Business?

If you are considering a traditional laser tag business, then the Battlefield TAG theme is for you. 

The most popular laser tag model is the "Cobra" pictured here.

family friendly laser tag
The "Battlefield Tag" theme uses family-friendly language. The laser tagger has in-game sound effects to help the players, like "you're tagged"

and "you're deactivated".

To aid in staff training there is a "simple controller" with a shortlist of options. Or even a "basic" master controller which has a limited set of menu items.

This is a soft science-fiction genre. A friendly gaming theme.

Army Party Theme - Battlefield TAG

Kids love playing games. We call this theme "Battlefield TAG" but it is also known as "Laser Tag" and "Laser Skirmish".

Birthday parties are the mainstay of Battlefield TAG events.

An army party theme is perfect for 7 to 12-year-old girls' and boys' birthday parties.

Gamers experience navigating a forest or a maze (either indoors or outdoors).

Want Battlefield TAG Theme in your Business?

Our friendly Battlefield Gurus are happy to help with your project.