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Battle Box set as an Ammo Box

The Ammunition box mode provides ammunition to gaming guns restoring all spent magazines.

The SATR software offers 285 different emulations, many of them weapons for example you can emulate well-know weapons from the Uzi to the G36.ammo

As a gamer you can sometimes run out of all your ammo - but you still have hit points. In this case the gamer just needs to retreat to their base, press the button on their Ammo Box and the computer will replenish all spent magazines.

Restores the number of reloads left back to the starting value configured for the target gaming guns. An ammunition box can be assigned to a team so only that team gets reloads. The Ammo Box can be configured to provide a limited number of reloads or time limited reloads.

It shows how many reloads have been done, confirmed by RF feedback on the LCD.