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Advanced Games Handbook For Battlefield Operators

Battlefield Sports has announced the publication of a new "Advanced Games Handbook" just for Battlefield Operators. This new ebook offers the behind-the-scenes "how to" for 50 advanced games.

This new Advanced Games Handbook goes beyond the series of Basic Games Handbooks that Battlefield Sports has published previously. 

Consider this you "expansion pack" from the Basic Games Handbooks. 

2 Flag Clan War

Battle of Terra

Clan War Elimination


CQB Capture & Hold

Kill Zone

Vietnam 12

Relic Raider


Room Clearing

Purple Angel Virus

Hot Spots

Salt & Pepper

Nam Generator

Operation Meade River


Water Purifier

Zombie Survival

Hostile Capture

Woodlands Clan War

Hill 60

Operation Chicago

Reichstag Falls 

Operation Market Garden


Steel Mill

Capture of Mt Cosna

Romanian Campaign

Operation Michael 

Ward 13