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Access All Areas

Using the "Access All" gaming theme means you can access each and every gaming option and weapon emulation.

There are more than 300 emulations, so that's a lot of access!

SATR3 gives the Battlefield Operators a myriad of options!

The Access All Areas genre should be used with care. Because it means literally what it sounds like -- you can access every single setting, configuration or emulation. At first, it might be overwhelming!! 

Access All Of The Themes 

If you do get stuff then you can re-set the equipment. To get back to the factory default settings:

  • turn the unit on with a key and push the black button
  • on the display you will see genre, scroll through (by clicking the red or black buttons) to Battlefield LIVE
  • the system will ask you to reset "Yes/No" select YES.
  • Then select the first reset option as "MODERN".

The SATR3 user guide is more than 200 pages - so there is a lot to consider.

Most battlefield operators would start with a theme, such as "Battlefield LIVE" or "Battlefield TAG" and get confident with that before moving onto other options. We recommend you use this "access all areas" option with caution.