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Laser Tag Gun: the "P90" PDW

P90 Personal Defense Weapon

The Battlefield Sports P90 laser tag gun is great for re-enactments, especially for sci-fi stories like StarGate SG1. All P90 gaming guns come with the latest digital technology installed.

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P90 Explainer Video

This is SPECIAL weapon class, known as a Personal Defense Weapon (PDW).

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Great to work with

I received the parts and all is well. I thank you for your help. You guys are great to work with. You have a good day.

Here is what is new: Red dot scope lowered for fast target acquisition and better aiming Lens housing is aluminum throughout for increased robustness Antenna bracket more slim-line for strength Handle is polyurethane and is lighter & stronger. 

Best in the Market Today

The best product and service in the market today.
Ray, Qld Australia

It is a mid-sized gaming gun great if you are planning a Battlefield LIVE (modern military) or sci-fi theme.


  • The new generation P90 weighs 3kg (6 lbs).
  • The P90 is 52cm/20" long.
  • The P90 is 23cm/9" tall.
  • The P90 is 5cm/2" wide.
  • Standard issue color: black (hammerburst powder-coating).
  • Style PDW
  • Recommended Scope: Red Dot
  • Construction: Metal, polyurethane handle (p90 style).
  • Trigger: full trigger mechanism
  • Recommended environments: Day/Night Outdoors, e.g. ski fields, forest, woodlands. 

Recommended Weapon Emulations

FN P90 (default)

More Images of the P90

special operations P90 Spec Ops gamers escort a VIPC.O. Siren with a P90C.O. Siren with P90p90P90 on a camo net

The P90 Facebook Album 1, click here

The P90 Facebook Album 2, click here

The P90 in Action

As in the previous model the P90 comes, as standard: Predator Muzzle Flash (tri-colored, select red, blue, white, or no flash) Optik sensors (sensors fit both on the head or a vest, and are integrated into the gaming gun barrel) Robust construction, suitable for gaming either indoors e.g. in a large warehouse and for the outdoors.