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We always try to make things easier, so take the first step towards starting or expanding your Live Gaming Business. Here is a quick (1 to 2 min) business diagnostic to see if Battlefield Sports equipment might be right for your business. [TAKE THE TEST]

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If Battlefield Sports could assist you with any of the following, which ones would be most helpful?
If it is SOMETHING ELSE, what would that be?
What's Most Important?
When it comes to buying a Live Gaming system what is the single most important issue right now? (Please be as detailed & specific as you can. Really consider the factor or factors that are slowing down or inhibiting your success. Don't hold back!)
Has it been difficult finding a solution for this?
Why are you looking at us now? What problem(s) are you hoping we will solve?
Drawing Population?
What's your drawing population? (In other words, how many people live within a 30min drive or how many tourists visit your area.)
Your Theme?
What theme are you going for?
If OTHER, please let us know your plans
When trying to make decisions & move forward quickly, what best describes your situation?
What country are you from? ...
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