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Be a Part of the Excitement for the Launch of SATR3

Enlist Today to be Part of the Excitement for the Launch of SATR3

BRISBANE AUSTRALIA: Enlist today for the SATR3 Launch, June 28th 2017.

SATR3 Killer Features The countdown is on to the official launch of the new version of Battlefield Sports’ live gaming engine - SATR 3.0. Battlefield Sports is proud to announce the launch of the next generation of its flagship laser tag system with the introduction of SATR 3.0.

It will also be an opportunity to network with other battlefield operators. SATR 3.0 is built on the excitement of its first and second generation technology and re-invents itself with even more flexibility. We got feedback from Battlefield Operators around the world as to their "Top 2 features that we absolutely NEED to include in our new generation laser tag system?" 

SATR3 delivers. 

SATR stands for Small Arms Transmitter Receiver and is a laser tag system that amplifies game-play. Check out the list of new killer features:
  • Support for up to 285 emulations
  • Up to 7 Teams
  • Splash Damage & Variable Damage
  • Wide Variety of Weapon Effects such as Healing & Burning 
  • Radio Controlled mines
  • Great support for player Medics
  • Intuitive to use with Explainer Voice Overs
  • Extensive Monster & Fantasy Support
  • Straight-Forward Upgrade Path from SATR1.x & SATR2.x to SATR3.x

Peter Lander inventor of SATR and Founder of Battlefield Sports says that SATR 3.0 has retained the functionality of the original product but takes its benefits for battlefield operators to the next level.

Peter Lander, the founder, will be presenting, “This new live gaming engine is amazing. I am thrilled about this launch”.

The event, open to owners of live gaming parks, indoor arena operators, transportable attraction managers, entrepreneurs and transportable ride operators, will be held at Thunderbird Park so delegates will be able to experience the new games first hand.

The one-day event will include hands-on exercises and technology updates, and will include a special keynote presentation by Peter Lander, Battlefield Sports Founder, about the future of the live gaming industry and the Battlefield Sports’ technology.

Delegates of the SATR Success Summit will be eligible for a special upgrade deal. Just bring your SATR1 of SATR2 motherboard including SD card (please note this board needs to be working order and removed from the gaming gun) as a trade-in. Please note of course you need to bring along a genuine Battlefield Sports board, not a cheap imitation. And we will issue you a new SATR3 board. Call us for your special price to upgrade. Here is an incentive to get in quick, we have limited stock of SATR3 for the launch event, so get in quick.

Download your copy of the summit flyer, click here, or call PH 1300666559 to enlist today.

SATR Success Summit

The key information about the event is as follows.
Battlefield Operators' Success Summit
Tickets: $50pp includes Morning Tea & Lunch
Date & Time: 9am – 4pm, Wednesday 28th June, 2017
​Venue: Thunderbird Park, Gold Coast

Feedback From The SATR Survey


More Team Support

Operators from Australia to Fiji, from the USA to the UK asked for interactions between more teams, including 3 team domination. In fact SATR3 has software support for up to 7 teams. 

SATR3x uses a motherboard that is the same size as the previous SATR1 & SATR2, but the new motherboards features a brand new more powerful micro-processor and a bigger SD card. So you do need to switch out your motherboards if you would like to upgrade. All other hardware remains the same, so you don't have change your display or buttons or speakers or anything else. Just the board.

Longer Range Radio

Operators from the UK & Australia asked for longer range on the Radio System. One asked why not get the system to use each playing guns as mini repeaters to tell each other that the game has started or finished. Done! Each device including gaming guns in SATR3 will act like a limited radio repeater. It will re-transmit: 
* Start
* End
* Time Stamp
* Pause
* Resume or
* Clear Statistics.
SATR3.x series has improved cyclic redundancy checking on radio packets which means the system safely re-transmits.

Character Classes 

Feedback from the USA wanted "categories for players (recon, scout, assault, medic, etc)". SATR3 has support for character classes. 
Preset characters by genre come with appropriate HP, armor, suitable weapons. For example for the Battlefield LIVE / Modern Characters you can select from: Solider, Medic, Scout, Sniper, Pigman, Flamer, Grendaier or Engineer. And for instance for the American Civil War genre you can select from: Union Solider, Rebel Soldier, Sharpshooter, 6-Pounder Cannon, Napoleon Cannon, 10-pdr Parrot, 20-pdr parrot, 3 inch Ordnance, or whitworth Cannon. Each with its own specifications.

Battlefield UNDEAD 

Several Battlefield Operators from the USA asked for Zombie Hunt or Zombie mode. Done. SATR3 has an entire genre called "Battlefield UNDEAD" this includes pre-defined characters and monsters. There are a huge number of options such as regeneration, vampire-drain, and zombies have a high level of damage resistance on the gun barrel / body sensor so, effectively, gamers need to shoot the zombie's heads! This genre has its own set of Sound Effects / Language. There are now 4 game modes: normal, haunted, apocalypse, & manhunt. 

New type of damage, "Toxic", so if a monster dies if some gamer are in its vicinity then they might be wounded or killed. More, there are a huge number of weapon options: 17 handguns; 15 SMGs; 6 PDWs; 29 Rifles; 17 Machine Guns; 22 Melee weapons; 6 Man Packed; 5 Shot Guns; 27 Monster Attacks; and 5 Ranged Attacks.  

If installed there is a wide angled short range emitter - just like our SATR2 zombie melee pack, then the attack can be a melee attack. If not it will just be indoor range. Typically melee attacks work with out the player needing to pull the trigger. In SATR3 there is armor by hit location. So the armor (or Zombie's and Monster's innate armor) have their own HP. The armor associated with the barrel sensor absorbs damage at a different rate to the head sensor.

Unlimited Flexibility 

An operator from Canada asked for "Unlimited ammo (no clip reload time) for younger kids". Likewise an operator from Australia 
asked " for fetes no reload required (in easy mode there is still a delay with the auto reload and in a fete/fair situation frequently players think they are dead when in fact they are auto reloading)" You can independently set auto reloads, and unlimited ammo and set the reload time, and hit rate.

Software Support For Grenades

An Operator from Australia said "2 things I get asked about at every birthday party from 8-15 year old boys, and occasionally at youth centres, that I think would be great, but not sure how possible they are. I always get asked if there is grenades or grenade launchers. But I was thinking even if there was a way to call for airstrikes and/or mortar strike. Obviously these are a bit far fetched but would be such a unique feature and would really add to the gaming feel." Done! 

SATR3 has a range of RPG options. We have RPG weapons with RF splash damage, so it is like a bomb has hit the target!
Hit a player then you get splash damage (half damage to nearby gamers). Plus you can call in an airstrike. Use a battle box, radio repeater or claymore. The operator or player can be assigned an RF detonator to trigger bomb attacks. The bomb can be configured to an airstrike so you can hear the incoming jet and then explosion. Bombs can affect players by the normal infrared or even better can be a RF bomb with 4 different field strengths from close, normal, large and huge! Bombs can be set to different damages.

Safety on Target Reset

A battlefield operator from the USA asked to put a secondary safety on that target reset button like we have in SATR2 for the start/end command! The menu sequence has now changed. For a target reset the first option is "None".

System Self-Diagnostic

An operator from Australia asked if the system would have a self-diagnostic. Done. SATR3 has a self-diagnostic. If the SATR3 system identifies an error it will correct it. SATR3 has a smart recovery mechanism. It will self-correct and will re-write the binary files. This is done on a file by file basis. The Master Controller has a test mode for test sensors and test radio.

New "Medic" Character Support

An operator from the USA asked for the ability to "destroy" team's respawn box. Done. With SATR3 you can set a Medic Box to act as a Player Character "Medic" - so if you kill the medic, then you'll disable the medic box.

Switch Gun Settings On The Fly

 A Battlefield Operator from the USA asked if we can switch on fly between 2 gun settings, for hard core set up, and amusement easy set up. Done! There a few ways to make this happen. There are now new user defined pre-configurations - you can have up to 12 pre-sets. Plus SATR3 has preset resets for each genre. A reset restores all the configuration values including emulations and, if applicable, armor. Some genres have multiple reset options, in which case, the reset required must be chosen from the menu. For example you want to go to the American Civil War genre then you can zap the unit using a Master Controller and config to a Springfield Rifled Musket and lots of other default settings. Say, you want to do a kid's amusement ride, then you can zap it to reset it to "Laser Tag" this will change all the sounds, the emulation, hit points, the difficultly level and more. Likewise if you want to reset all your units to switch to Battlefield LIVE genre reset then you'll default to a P90, change difficulty level, language and more! 

Radiation Damage 

A Welsh operator asked for 'Radiation point and Heal point' in SATR3 you set up radio controlled dirty mines which will do damage. This damage could be inflicted via infrared or radio. Healing could be given by a medic character or a medic box.

Veteran Gamer vs Beginner Gamers (Pros vs Noobs)

An operator from the USA asked "Pros vs. Noobs: Pros can shoot each other by accident - noobs can only shoot pros. (It will balance out experienced teams vs. inexperienced.)" Done. So this means one team has FF on but still set to a team, for respawn, domination, capture the flag etc. But they can be set to be shot by their own set. The Noobs or beginners could be set to the another team with Friendly Fire off. In fact, within a team you can even to this on a gamer by gamer basis. Alternatively you could set the Pro's or Veterans to a low hit rate. This is a subtle change from a gamer's point of view but it makes the game much more challenging for the veteran players!

Intuitive Voice Feedback

An Operator for the USA asked for "more talking, like "your hit" or "you have 4 HP left" or "enemy hit". Likewise an Operator from Greece asked "the gun talks to you when you hit someone".  SATR3 improves on SATR2's patented voice feedback. There are now loads of in-game voice overs. For example, if a gamer is dead and they pull the trigger the gaming gun with issue an SFX "You're Dead."